Diana and DianaF+


In the beginning of the 60's, the Great Wall Plastic Factory, an Hong-Kong society began the prodution of Diana. Sold 0.99$, Diana was usualy bought as a toy. But the one who tasted to put a film in it and to use it as a real camera was rather surprised. The plastic lense gives bluries and oniric pictures.

Diana doesn't let you the opportunity to make sharp pictures. And the unique shutter speed and the reduce choice of three apertures produce strange colors. The whole give to Diana's pictures a sweet and uncertain results. Many peolple hate the result, some like, a few love.

Many years after the last Diana left the Great Wall plastic factory, Diana became a collector. The Lomographic Society International is now producing the DianaF+. DianaF+ isn't a real copy of Diana. Original Diana was making square pictures of 46mm side. So you could make 16 pictures with a 120 film roll. The Diana F+ takes real 6x6 pictures. Also it is now possible to put away the lens and your DianaF+ becomes a fine pinhole camera. The Lomographic Society International add a flash plug on DianaF+ too. So you can take night pictures with this flash on which you can add some color filters too.

Be careful with Diana. You buy it as a toy and it quickly becomes a real addiction.